Internacional Women Entrepreneurs Workshop, III WEIC 2018, La Habana 21.04.2018

ITALIA CARGO participated, again this year, in the International Workshop of Women Entrepreneurs, organised by UNIDO (United Nations) and AIDDA (Italian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers) that took place in Cuba on 20th and 21st april 2018.
In representation of the Company intervened as speakers, Mrs. Roberta Gili (Managing Director) and Mss. Martina Ruggeri, Responsible of Quality.
The Conference registered an ample participation of Cuban women managers and was filmed by the italian RAI2 TV troupe and was then transmitted on saturday 2nd june at 23,50 during the tv program TG2 Dossier.
The event, in its third edition now, represents and important reference point for business development between the two countries.

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