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A work of art is unique and precious. To move artworks it is necessary an experienced and highly qualified team, special techniques and tailored solutions to ensure the highest level of service. Not only a protective packaging to prevent shocks, hot, cold, but also an adequate insurance, a gentle service and care to make sure the artwork arrives at destination just as it was created by the artist and comes back undamaged. ITALIA CARGO delivers it all. Because a work of art is a unique and precious piece.


56th Biennale

ITALIA CARGO has been the technical sponsor at 56th International art exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia – All the World’s Futures, held since 9th May to 22nd November 2015.
ITALIA CARGO had already been technical sponsor of the America Latina Pavilion – IILA (Italo-Latin American Institute) at 55th International Exhibition. La Biennale di Venezia, played between 1st June and 24th November 2013 on the Arsenale little island. The Pavilion, was inspired to a famous romance EL Atlas del Imperio, by the well-known argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, dedicated to reciprocal fertilization experience between the Latin-American and European artists.
The place hosted artworks belonging to Latin-Americans such as Guillermo Srodek-Hart(Argentine), Sonia Falcone(Bolivia), Juliana Stein(Brazil), León & Cociña (Chile), Francois Bucher (Columbia), Lucia Madriz(Costa Rica), Humberto Diaz(Cuba), Miguel Alvear e Patricio Andrade (Ecuador), Simón Vega (El Salvador), Marcos Agudelo (Nicaragua), Jhafis Quintero (Panama), Fredi Casco (Paraguay), David Zink Yi (Perù), Collettivo Quintapata (Dominican Republic), Martín Sastre (Uruguay), Susana Arwas (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

IILA’s Institutional Rules contemplates promotion of cultural relationships between Latin-America, Italy and Europe. To this expositive project took part also Luca Vitone (Italy), Harun Farocki e Antje Ehmann (Germany/Brazil), Christian Jankowski German artist (influenced by Latin-American lifestyle).

ITALIA CARGO played an important role in the transportation of artworks exposed at the Arsenale of Venice’s little island.

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55th Biennale

At the 55th Biennale di Venezia on 2013, the Italo-Latin American Institute’s Pavilion located on the little island Arsenale, hosted 20 artworks coming from center and south America connected to those cultures. ITALIA CARGO picked up and delivered some artworks’ shipments from places of origin to Venice and cared for its return back.

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Credit: Courtesy: IILA

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Credit: Courtesy: IILA

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54th Biennale

The fulfillment of the 200  years of Latin-American Independence, have been celebrated at the 54th Biennale di Venezia (2011) with the artwork “Fra sempre e mai ”, whose name is based on a text by the Uruguayan poet  Mario Benedetti. In fact in the Italo Latin-American Institute (IILA), were exposed 26 Latin-American artists’ artworks. ITALIA CARGO carried out some artworks’ shipments from places of origin to Venice and back.

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Credit: Rodolfo Fiorenza/ Courtesy: IILA

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Credit: Rodolfo Fiorenza/ Courtesy: IILA


La Primavera

Alfredo Sosabravo is a cuban artist. His works, whose names were taken from some popular slogans and famous movies names, are referred to coloristic life issues, were exposed in Rome, in 2012, at the Montemartini Centrale for the Primavera Latino-Americana.
ITALIA CARGO transported sosabravo’s artworks.

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Credit: Roberta Forlini/ Courtesy: IILA

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Credit: Roberta Forlini/ Courtesy: IILA



The Children Soldiers artwork, representing children masked and covered by lead, was created by the Dominican Jorge Pineda “Mambrù se fue la Guerra” against the violence on youngers, and was exposed in Valencia in 2013 thanks to ITALIA CARGO’S transportation services.

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